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The Tempest filter is an innovative polishing system for ponds which uses its latest filtration media, K+ Media to deliver crystal clear, healthy water.

Designed to be used in conjunction with any filtration system, the Tempest filter offers additional mechanical and biological filtration. The Tempest Filter can be installed on a variety of set-ups and can be used on quarantine systems or as a standalone filter on smaller ponds up to 5,000 liters.

The Tempest filter is easy to install and is simple and quick to clean, by way of a unique, patent pending air siphon design. During the cleaning process, air is drawn into the filter as it empties which causes the water to agitate, effectively cleaning the K+Media.

How to clean the Tempest filter?

The Tempest Filter can be cleaned in matter of minutes, by simply turning the pump off, closing slide valves and opening the waste valve tap.

How to install the Tempest filter?

There are a number of ways the Tempest filter can be installed to your system, detailed explanations and examples can be found in the Tempest manual.

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