Colombo Morenical Vita-Spray

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Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray uses multi vitamins and trace elements as food additives.

When fish are recovering from an illness or need to restore their condition or are being fussy eaters, Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray can be added to their food to improve their appetite.

How To Use

Take the food and weigh it. Spread the food and then spray Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray in the correct dosage to that food. Let the food dry for several hours and feed this in the same day the Vita-Spray has been applied.

Colombo Morenicol Vita-Spray contains a broad vitamin complex with added trace elements. Add Vita-Spray to the fish food when the fish needs to recover. For example: after the winter or after a treatment with medications to cure a disease. Vita-Spray contains an appetiser to encourage the fish to eat.


7 x Spray (7ml) per 100 grams of fish food.

Size: 500ml
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