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The Colombo Ammonia Test Kit contains all you need for testing the level of harmful ammonia in ponds and both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The Colombo NH3 Test Kit comes complete with test tube and liquid reagents to provide accurate results for 40 tests.

Ammonia (chemically abbreviated as NH3) is a waste product of fish, which they excrete through their gills and their urine. Ammonia is very poisonous for all water life and thus it is very important to keep the ammonia level zero. Fortunately bacteria in the water break down ammonia into nitrite and subsequently the non-toxic nitrate; these are the so-called nitrifying bacteria of the families of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter. Obviously these bacteria are essential for a healthy aquarium and pond. The best way to harbour these bacteria is in a biological filter. A new 'clean' filter needs time to have a sufficient number of bacteria to grow inside it. You can give this growth a boost by adding the right type of bacteria from the moment the biological filter is started.

For all types of water, Colombo has the right product with the right bacteria. An optimal ammonia content in all types of water is simply 0 mg/l. When ammonia is 0.5 mg/l or higher, it means that aren't enough bacteria present and thus it is wise to add a suitable Colombo bacteria culture. Add Colombo AquaCare to your tank or Colombo BiClear to your pond to bind and detoxify the ammonia. At an ammonia level of 1.0 mg/l, ammonia can become toxic, and thus it is wise to first refresh 25% of the water. At ammonia levels of 2.0 mg/l and higher, you should directly refresh 50% or more until the ammonia level is <0.5 mg/l.

Instructions For Use:

1. Take a water sample of 10 ml.
2. Add 5 drops of NH3-1 test fluid and shake.
3. Add 5 drops of NH3-2 test fluid and shake again.
4. Add 5 drops of NH3-3 test fluid and shake again.
5. Wait 15 minutes.
6. Determine the NH3 value using the included colour chart

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