Colombo Lernex Anti Flukes & Worms

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This is an effective treatment for skin and gill flukes, piscola and fish lice, anchor worms and other macroparasites.

Skin and gill flukes are microscopic, the skin fluke gives birth to live young, therefore they are capable of fast reproduction. This results in skin irritation, in addition to skin thickening, leading to your fish producing a slimy mucus layer over their skin.

The gill fluke is a parasite that lays eggs, very similar in appearance to skin flukes, however you can see the eggs (black dots) inside the adult fluke. Gill flukes are found on both the body and gills of the koi. Gill flukes often require 2 doses, one to eradicate the adult, then another dose to eradicate the young.

Infested fish often rub against surfaces.



20g / 500 litres of pond water.
If required, repeat the treatment after 14 days.

Size: 800g
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